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Divine medicine is an ancient system of healing that originated from Siddhas and covers the entire knowledge of the internal and external treatments of humans and impact of their environment. This medicine is very simple, practical and affordable for everyone. Knowledge about this medicine, which has for thousands of years been passed down from guru to disciples, was given to Swami Urgaya by Shri Shivakumar Swamiji.

The starting point of this medicine is based on the fact that humans are made of five buthas (subtle elements) that build the body and affect the mind. The subtle elements - fire, water, air, earth and ether are at a finer level than the coarse, physical elements of the material plane. Depending on the ratio of the buthas, different physique and consciousness of a human is formed. A person dominated by the element of fire is more active and impulsive than individuals dominated by the water element. Every person has a different ratio of the elements and their imbalance leads to disease states or disorders.

Butha imbalance leads to a state of body and mind that is without energy, weak, sluggish and sick. When we harmonize the subtle elements, we achieve the health, stability, better activity and a better relationship with ourselves and others.

Divine medicine includes:

"Divine medicine" treatments

At Divine Energy Park, we perform treatments and courses of Divine Medicine under the guidance of Swami Urgaya. If you have any problem, disease, questions or you wish to arrange a treatment, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

"Divine medicine" course


At Divine Energy Park, we also hold courses of "Divine medicine" where you will be able to learn this ancient knowledge. The course lasts for 4 days and for a course to be held at least 8-10 participants is required. For more information please contact Divine Energy Park.